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Benefits of Gua Sha Stone for Face in India

by Harpreet Singh Gandhi 06 May 2022

All those who regularly use skin care products for their skin might know about Gua Sha stone for face. But you might be amazed to know that this product has been used since ancient civilization.

The name Gua Sha was derived from the Chinese language, where Gua stands for the increased redness of the skin and Sha is the rashes caused by the viral toxins. This ancient facial massager stone has many benefits, which you should know before using it. Let’s dive in to know more about Gua Sha stone and its benefits.

Top 6 benefits of using gua sha stone in India

Gua Sha stone has recorded its name as being the best skincare product earlier in the Ming dynasty, and still, now it is the most popular traditional Chinese medicine for skincare among the people. 

An individual will be able to notice the below-mentioned benefits on their skin after using the Gua Sha stone properly for 1 to 2 weeks.

1. Promotes the blood circulation of the skin

As we know, smooth blood circulation is very important for the stimulation of the lymphatic system to keep stress away and to make the skin healthier and glowing. The use of Zobha’s rose quartz Gua Sha stone on your face will help promote blood circulation and make your skin glow.

2. Promotes lymphatic drainage of the skin

The use of a Gua Sha stone can promote slow lymph circulation and will help to reduce puffiness, acne, swollen skin, fatigue, and many other skin problems to make your skin free of lymphatic drainage and glowing. However, to get the maximum jade Gua Sha benefits, opt for jade Gua Sha stone from Zobha that facilitates easy lymphatic drainage from the skin.

3. Heals the cystic acne on the skin

Some people used to have a misconception that the use of Gua Sha stone over cystic acne on the face can be harmful. But it's not true; using a Gua Sha stone over a face having acne will not only reduce the acne but will also help to reduce the flare-ups and redness of the skin by increasing the blood circulation over the area.

4. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines of the face

Scraping amethyst Gua Sha stone over the face will help to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines of the face. It happens because the rubbing of the microspore of the stone with the upper layer of the skin reduces the contraction of the facial muscles. Hence, wrinkles started to disappear as one of the most effective amethyst Gua Sha benefits.

5. Relaxes the muscles

Practitioners have noticed that the use of a Gua Sha stone for some weeks over the face makes muscles relaxed as its regular rubbing releases the tension from the muscles. Relaxation of the muscles is one of the best quartz Gua Sha stone benefits that you can experience.

6. Helpful in sculpting the jawline and cheekbones

If an individual is not satisfied with the shape of the jawline and cheekbone, then a regular rubbing of Zobha’s amethyst Gua Sha stone for a couple of weeks will help to give a perfect shape to their jawline and make their face structure even better.


Being an ancient face care product, the Gua Sha stone has still amazed the people of the 21st century with its diverse nature in benefitting the skin. It is helpful in almost every skin-related issue and gives 100% positive results to the customers. 

So, if you are looking for quality Gua Sha stones, then you can definitely check out Zobha’s skincare collection. The store offers the best deals on Gua Sha stone products.

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