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Benefits of Jade Combs for Hair Growth

by Harpreet Singh Gandhi 15 Feb 2023

People use smooth combs and toothed tools to detangle, arrange, and set their hair. The comb's size, form, composition, and material all change, just like everything else. Jade combs are one form of comb that has recently grown in popularity despite having been a part of Chinese history for a long time. Jade is a semiprecious stone highly valued in most of China because it brings out qualities like kindness, wisdom, courage, and modesty.

Self-care tools like jade rollers or combs have been around for a long time, but now fans of Chinese medicine and beauty influencers are putting the stone right on the scalp. It is the idea behind jade combs, which are used to help hair grow, improve circulation, and relax, but it has yet to be proven by science.

What is Jade Combs?

Combs made of jade are best used for massage purpose and helps to stimulate the scalp. The design of these combs was inspired by the ancient Chinese massage technique known as gua sha, in which meridians are stimulated to improve blood flow, eliminate toxins from the body, and promote healing. It has also been shown that this method is effective on the scalp. You can obtain improved hair and a positive attitude by stimulating the meridians. According to the study, the overall comb's weight is what causes the hair to grow and gives the benefits.

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How does Jade Combs Help Hair Growth?

There are different ways these combs help in hair growth.

  • Aids in Relaxation

Using this jade comb, you can get some immediate relief once you are back home after a hectic day and feel like treating yourself to a soothing spa treatment.

  • Enhances the Texture and Growth of Hair.

You may stimulate the hair roots by regularly massaging the scalp area using the crystal comb, which will also aid in better hair development. You can have healthy, luscious hair by using this miraculous tool, also known as a gua sha comb, which activates acupressure points.

  • Reduces Stress

On some days, you could feel that life is becoming more difficult for you, which gradually builds up in your head, contributing to stress.

  • Enhanced Scalp Blood Circulation

One of the ways hair growth happens is when there is good blood circulation. When you massage your hair with a jade comb, you stimulate the scalp, which aids in boosting blood flow to the entire scalp and encourages thicker hair development.

Using Jade Comb

To get the best result, it is important to use the jade comb rightly. A jade comb will work magic by gently massaging it across your scalp. Massage it in the direction of your ears while softly brushing the sides. At the back, massage in little circles. Cover the entire head while moving slowly and lightly.

The jade comb can't be used to properly detangle or style your hair because they aren't conventional combs. However, the best is to massage gently over the scalp to get a soothing massage. You can use it once every week. Make sure to move slowly and gently to avoid damaging your scalp.

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