Zobha Eraaser - Take the day off Makeup Remover Spray

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Zobha Eraaser- Eraaser is a superior make-up remover that takes away the traces of the day’s makeup with a simple swipe. This remover gently removes every kind of makeup from around the eyes, including the waterproof mascara. Eraaser is gentle...
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Customer Reviews

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Preeti Nanda

Easily erase the makeup..........

Kavita tyagi

Safe makeup Eraser for skin

Sarita Bajaj
best makeup remover

safe erase the makeup in just a minutes

komal gupta
Good Quality

good quality makeup Eraser & safe for my skin

Shristi Bajaj
it's really good

best Eraser

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Makeup Eraser is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The ultra-soft fabric is gentle on the skin and does not contain any harsh chemicals or irritants.

While the Makeup Eraser is designed to work effectively with just water, you can use it with your favorite cleanser or makeup remover for added cleansing power if desired.

After each use, simply hand wash the Makeup Eraser with soap and water, then hang it to dry. For a deeper clean, you can machine wash it with your regular laundry.

With proper care, a single Makeup Eraser can last up to 3-5 years, making it a cost-effective and sustainable makeup removal solution.

Yes, the Makeup Eraser is effective at removing waterproof makeup. For stubborn makeup, you may need to gently massage the area with a damp cloth for a few extra seconds.

Yes, the Makeup Eraser is eco- friendly as it eliminates the need for disposable makeup wipes and cotton pads, reducing waste.

Yes, the Makeup Eraser is safe to use on the delicate eye area. Its gentle fabric effectively removes eye makeup without tugging or pulling on the skin.

Yes, you can use the Makeup Eraser as part of your skincare routine. It's ideal for removing makeup before cleansing and applying skincare products.

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