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Best Face Cream for Women and Men in Winter

by devendra babariya 29 Dec 2022

We frequently cover our bodies to protect our skin against elements like UV rays and others. We're becoming more aware of how important it is to protect our skin with sunscreen on hot summer days, but most people don't worry about how cold days can make things unpleasant.

Furthermore, the protection we provide for our bodies is limited to some areas, excluding our faces and hands, which are not immune to the war that our skin usually fights with the harsh extremes of the climate. As winter approaches, taking care of your skin, mainly your face, is critical. The skin is more likely to become dry and dull in cold temperatures. When the temperature is cold or drops below freezing, the skin's pores start shrinking, causing heat to concentrate inside the skin, resulting in oily and 'laden' skin. This ailment will cause an outbreak of redness and acne if not treated properly. Different face cream products from other brands can help both men and women in the winter.

Face Creams for men and women to have winter-friendly skin

24CT Face & Body Polisher Gel

MRP:  3250

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Suppose you want to get rid of pigmentation. For unattractive blemishes, dark spots, or pores during the winter season, Zohba's Face and Body Polisher 24 CT gold facial gel brightening body polish is suitable. Regular application will help repair damaged skin, improve blood circulation, and control melanin formation.

11 In-One Skin Radiance Cream

MRP:  2290

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This radiant face cream from Zobha Life is perfect for the winter season. The all-in-one solution is excellent for daily use. You can apply this cream while traveling in winter because it eliminates the need to carry multiple goods. Zobha's 11-in-one skin radiance cream will help you level your skin tone, provide radiance, and glow, firm up your skin, and minimize dark spots. The cream further helps to clear pore size and wrinkles, give your skin a softer, flawless appearance, restore its elasticity, hydrate your skin, and treat sunburns.

Age-Defying Rejuvenating Night Cream

MRP:  2495

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This rejuvenating night cream helps make the skin on your face look fresh. Upon applying regularly, you can wake up with lovely skin. Zobha's Age-Defying Face Serum helps the body's natural temporal purification process, which is important for skin that looks younger. The No. 1 repair serum works on all the most obvious signs of aging and hydrates the skin. It makes lines and wrinkles less noticeable and makes the skin smoother, more hydrated, radiant, and even-toned. In just four weeks, your skin will look and feel healthier, more refreshed, and better rested.

De-Tan Cream- Suntan Removal

MRP:  1585

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De Tan cream by Zobha is a perfect option to give your skin a lightening effect. It is a one-of-a-kind tan-removal solution that lightens the overall skin tone and removes the tanning impact of the sun. The raspberry seed oil in the formula and regulation of the De-Tan cream gives your skin elasticity and a healthy glow. It further helps improve the skin's softness and removes wrinkles all over. Regular moisturizing of your skin will help to benefit you in many ways.

Some things you must avoid during the winter season

You must perform some processes during winter to make your skin glow and free from wrinkles. You may feel relaxed showering in a hot tub, but the heat dehydrates the skin even more and is worse for the skin during the winter.

Bathing in essential oil-infused water helps to create a protective layer for your skin, helping to retain as much moisture as possible, keeping it soft.

Of all the winter skincare routine is to moisturize. Moisturizing is an essential skin care practice for combating dryness. It is critical to avoid skin dryness through diet and hydration. Even if we are accustomed to the drying and harmful effects of hot and humid weather, moisturizing in winter is essential if you want soft and shining skin, even on chilly days. Go for the best quality face polishing cream and radiant skin cream to help you get the best winter skin.


Invest in the best quality moisturizer and another skin cream that will help you overcome issues related to harsh skin during winter. The more you take care of your skin, the more your skin will remain healthy in winter.

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