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How to Apply Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair?

by Harpreet Singh Gandhi 15 Dec 2022

One of the harsh truths is that not everyone is blessed to have naturally straight, controllable hair. For some reason, our hair gets frizzy, making it challenging to stay natural. Because we need to learn how to use these items, we frequently don't allow them to work their magic. Different hair products, including serum, can help control frizzy hair. Discovering products that work for your hair is the first step in creating a successful haircare routine. We recommend using an argan oil hair serum because it protects hair from UV damage and keeps it from getting too hot when styling.


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Zobha Life offers a top-quality argan oil hair serum that helps nourish your hair. The serum not only helps with dry hair but also fixes damage and gives your hair its shine back. It also treats split ends. Chemically treated hair responds favorably to this hair serum. This article provides information and instructions for using the serum effectively.

What is Hair Serum?

Serums from natural extracts may get deeper into the hair than regular shampoos. It gives the hair the same extra boost that skincare serums can provide the face, making them an essential part of any beauty collection. They can be used as styling tools to fix problems like uncontrollable frizz, add shine, and protect hair from damage from the outside world. Serums are best for a quick cure to treat curly hair at the surface, in contrast to oils, which primarily act to condition the inside.

Tips to Apply Serum for Frizzy Hair

  • Picking up the Right Serum

The first thing to check is your hair type and the type of hair serum that could work well. It can be challenging to select the ideal hair serum for a person's hair and scalp type from those on the market for practical and fine outcomes. A lightweight serum is best if you have fine or oily hair since it prevents your hair from looking greasy. In contrast, thick or cream-based serums for coarse hair make the hair appear healthy and silky. Also, keratin-based hair serums are recommended if you color or style your hair because they make it stronger and fix the damage.

  • Applying on Damp Hair

Make sure you have damp hair while applying the serum. Apply the oil after towel-drying your hair after washing it. You will get the best result out of it.

  • Warm the Serum in your Hands

How is hair serum used? Always place a small amount of the product on your palm and rub it to warm it up before putting it on your strands. The advantage of this is that it makes it possible to apply hair products correctly and evenly.

  • Always Apply before Hairstyling

If you enjoy using heat on your hair, you are aware that you must take extra care to maintain it. Apply some serum to your mane before turning the temperature on your straightener or curling iron to protect it from the harm that high temperatures can do.

  • Never Apply too much serum

The principle of applying serum or any product on hair is "less is more." Apply serum as much as your hair needs. Naturally, it depends on the thickness and length of your hair but avoids using too much, or your hair will start to seem greasy.


The tips above will help you put a serum on your hair correctly and get the most out of it. The best part of using argan oil is the price. The argan oil hair serum price is relatively low compared to other hair products. Since you are buying from Zobha Life, you will get the guarantee of a quality product.
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